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Semi-Managed Recruiting(SM)


Our SM Recruitment package is designed for smaller companies who would prefer conducting the first interview rather than having us do this for them which will reduce overall cost. Initially, we will do a phone consultation with you and your team to discuss the details of the role you are trying to fill. We will also determine what days/times you can pre-designate to conduct interviews. Once we've started populating your calendar with candidates, the program will continue to run for 30 days. Depending on the role, some businesses can get 100s of candidates during the 30-day period. You are free to keep contact information for all candidates you like for future hires. Anytime you've run low on candidates you can do another 30-day package with us.

Daily & Weekly Consultations

We are available throughout the entire process. We prefer to touch base for a few minutes each day during the early stages. This allows us to get candidate quality feedback and make adjustments if needed.

1 Stage Pre-Interview Filter

We do a small test assignment prior to candidates being asked to choose an interview date and time. We will work with you to develop a very basic set of questions to filter out any applicants who are applying that are not capable.

Pre-Defined Interview Availability Periods

We will determine when you want interview blocks to be pre-defined to during our consultation. We will then configure the calendar with those times. Candidates will receive a link after passing their test assignments which will allow them to schedule in one of your pre-defined availabilities. 

Candidate SMS & Email Reminders

We send out SMS and Email reminders 24 hours, 1 hour, and 15 minutes before the interview in order to improve attendance. We offer to reschedule candidates in case a schedule conflict arises. 

Fully-Managed Recruiting(FM)


Our FM Recruitment package is designed for companies who want to outsource the majority of the recruiting process. The biggest difference between the FM and SM packages is the pre-screening process. During the FM process, we will do a test assignment as our first screen. We then require candidates to complete a 2 step interview process with 2 separate people at our firm. Only the best candidates will then be scheduled for the 3rd interview with you and your team.

Everything From The SM Package

All of the features listed in the SM Package are included.

3 Stage Pre-Interview Filter

Each candidate will be required to pass a test assignment as well as 2 phone interviews in order to be approved. We will schedule approved candidates with you as we get them through the system. Each candidate will have a resume along with their test assignments and any notes from the first 2 interviews our team conducts. 

90-Day Reset Clock

New hires under the FM Package come with a 90-Day Reset Clock. If a new hire does not last 90 days due to performance reasons, we will backfill the candidate at no additional cost and reset the clock for another 90 days with the new hire. We will continue this until a new hire has made it 90 days.

Outsource Recruitment


Both packages listed above can be done for job requirements in the United States. We provide assistance finding recruits outside the United States as well. Many processes and roles can be done remotely these days which can have a major cost savings on payroll and associated taxes. Common roles that businesses outsource overseas are Web Design, Programmers, Sales & Marketing, Virtual Assitant, Finance and Accounting and Customer Service. We use our SM and FM recruitment packages to help you find the perfect person overseas to help. On both packages, the overseas individual will work for you full time or part time depending on the schedule you choose for them. They will be managed by you as well.



$ 1500.00

/ month
  • Daily & Weekly Consultations
  • 1 Stage Pre-Interview Filter
  • Pre-Defined Interview Availability Periods
  • Candidate SMS & Email Reminders

Fully- Managed

10% Annual Salary

  • Daily & Weekly Consultations
  • 3 Stage Pre-Interview Filter
  • Pre-Defined Interview Availability Periods
  • Candidate SMS & Email Reminders
  • 90-Day Reset Clock